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From the world’s tallest buildings to its driest places, Xylem - Applied Water Systems' brands provide solutions to keep the water flowing, while sustainably managing our most precious resource.

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Vogel Pumps Help Quench Montenegro’s Thirst

Country of reference: Montenegro A country perched on a beautiful coastline just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Montenegro has been experiencing a steady growth in both tourism and population following the Bosnian War in the mid 1990s. However, this increased popularity has also placed increased demand on their fresh water supply. This is especially

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Lowara sails through high rise project – riverfront Scarlet Sails complex

Riverfront residential development in Moscow Country of reference: Russia Application: Residential Building Xylem products are meeting the high demands of a high-rise residential complex in Moscow. The riverfront Scarlet Sails complex is ranked among the ten tallest buildings in the city, and Xylem  was commissioned to provide pumping solutions for heating, air-conditioning, and hot and cold water

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Vogel Pumps Connect Catalonian Communities to Clean Water

Country of reference: Spain On the coast of Catalonia a significant water delivery project was commissioned by Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL), a public organisation with responsibility for supplying water to Barcelona and eight surrounding regions. A system was developed to deliver water from the Tordera desalination plant to an inland water treatment plant at Ter,

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Ice cold: transforming a football stadium into an ice stadium

The force of cold, along with Xylem Lowara pumps, has produced artificial ice for the World Ice Hockey Championships. Country of reference: Germany The opening game of the World Championships was held on 7th May 2010 between the host team of Germany and the United States in the Veltins Arena at Gelsenkirchen, which was transformed

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Lowara at Hermes Park Carrefour, the biggest mall in the Balkans

Country of reference: Bulgaria Application: Commercial Building Hermes Park Carrefour, a modern and high luxurious building constructed by the Greek company GEK- TERNA, is now one of the highlights spots in the commercial and social life of Sofia in Bulgaria. The Hermes Park Carrefour is one of the largest shopping centres in the Balkans, developed

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Lowara delivers Vogel pumps for Dutch demineralisation plant

A vast 1,400mc/h demineralised water plant (DWP) has been constructed for Evides Industrie Water in Holland’s Rotterdam harbour, with Vogel pumps delivered by Lowara at its heart. The facility, one of the largest in western Europe, was constructed to process and supply demineralised water to 18 (petro-) chemical industries. The plant is being built in two

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A new chapter for pump technology at Moscow University Library

Country of reference: Russia Application: Commercial Building Lomonosov Moscow State University Library is a vast complex encompassing 55,000 m2 of space, and serving more than 36,000 students and 7,000 postgraduates. The new facility was built in 2004 to commemorate 250 years of the university, and houses important and historic literary works in addition to the most

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Lowara supplies water to the highest building in the Balkans

Country of reference: Serbia Application: Commercial Building   In 1999 one of the great symbols of Serbia – the Avala Tower – was destroyed by a NATO bomb. Twelve years later, as a symbol of unity and achievement, the new Avala Tower was formally opened on the same hilltop in Belgrade. Its characteristic geometric shape

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Xylem supplies pumps for oil production in West Africa

The exploration and production of oil in West Africa has been growing rapidly over the past decade, with much demand for the oil from Europe and the USA. Several countries and multi-national oil companies are exploiting fields off West African coastlines – including Gabon and Congo – through on-shore plants and off-shore platforms. Using water

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Well pumps with maximum yield: an enormous saving in energy costs

The Prime Tower is a visually unique landmark under construction in the heart of Zurich. The angular high-rise building stretches 126 metres across 36 floors, and is claimed to set a new benchmark for commercial properties in terms of architecture, transparency, appeal and technical perfection. In February 2008 work began on the preparation of the

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A reverse osmosis plant guarantees the quality of the water used to make beer and minimizes energy costs

Water treatment is of fundamental importance for the food and drink industry. The Gold Ochsen brewery in Ulm has invested approximately 200,000 euros in a reverse osmosis (RO) plant for the desalinisation and treatment of water it uses to make its beers.

Lowara powers a rapid cooling system in Israel

Application: Light Industry In a climate where temperatures can rise to 37°C, the need for efficient air-conditioning in factory environments is essential. This is the case in a plastics factory at kibbutz Degania in Tiberius, Israel, where power costs were high and the cooling process inefficient. Innovation driving through lower power costs Engineering company and Lowara

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